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Helpful Self Help Apps

Apps are everywhere in our lives. They can help us get directions, listen to music, track calories, and now even help us in our journey toward wellness! Here are a few self-help apps to supplement any counseling or treatment program you may be participating in:

Optimism- a mood charting app that helps you manage symptoms of mood disorders

PTSD Coach- self management app for post-traumatic stress

AA Big Book and More- an app that helps support sobriety using a 12-step model

Stay Quit Coach- an app that provides help to quit smoking

Take a Break-Guided Meditation- an app that allows you to listen to guided meditation with music and nature sounds

 For more information about how Open Doors Counseling can help you on your journey toward wellness, please call us at 602-499-9952 or visit our website at

Stages of Change

The process of change can be very difficult. Knowing where you are at in your change process can be a helpful tool in understanding your level of readiness and how to move forward to support your desire to change.

Stages of Change:

Precontemplation: You are not considering change at this stage. Other people may be encouraging change, but you may not see any need for change at this time.

Contemplation: You are thinking about a change, but are not ready to do anything about it yet. For example, you may think you need to lose weight but are not planning to make any behavior or dietary changes yet.

Preparation: You are beginning to develop a plan for change, but have not yet acted upon it.

Action: You have indicated the desire to change, made a goal for change, and created a plan which you are now implementing.

Maintenance: You have been implementing your change plan for a period of time and are achieving consistent, positive results. You continue to work at your plan and make any minor adjustments to support long term change.

Relapse: You revert back to old, unhealthy behaviors. You may re-enter at any stage when ready to begin the change process again.

Where are you at in your stage of change? Consider getting support at any stage to help fuel your success. For more information about how Open Doors Counseling can help you on your path to change, please call us at 602-499-9952 or visit our website at


Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is associated with symptoms of excessive worry that is difficult to control, restlessness, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, muscle tension and sleep disturbances. It can affect many areas of life, including work, school, home and relationships. Managing anxiety can be a challenge, but here are a few tips that can help bring the symptoms down:

1. Grounding techniques help you focus on the "here and now" instead of the worry. Try using meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery and/or progressive muscle relaxation exercises to help "ground" you.

2. Develop a list of things that trigger your anxiety, and associate each with a strategy that helps decrease the stress. For example, if you have a big test, use a study or time management plan to help you proactively feel prepared.

3. Ask yourself "What can I control right now?" and tackle that task. This may help increase feelings of empowerment over the sense of worry.

4. Redirect the "what if's" to what you have evidence of. For example, if you are feeling "What if I fail?" redirect that to "I have had success in the past."

5. Develop a consistent healthy routine that includes nutrition, exercise and regular sleep routine.

If you are experiencing anxiety and want to seek professional assistance, please contact Open Doors Counseling, Coaching and Consulting at 602-499-9952 or visit our website at


How to create a well balanced and happy life

Ever see those people walking down the street, smiling and appearing truly happy? Are you one of those people? If you aren't one of them, here are some tips to create a happy and well balanced life:

1. Take a look at your level of happiness in the following areas: Personal, Family, Relationships, Work,and Health. Use a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the happiest and 1 being the lowest and rate each of these areas. Which areas were high, and which were low? With the low scoring areas, create a plan  with a few small goals to help bring more happiness and balance to that part of your life. For example, if you scored low in your relationships, look at what makes a relationship healthy for you and set healthy boundaries to respect your needs.

2. Take a look at whether your passions are present in your day to day life. Brainstorm what you are passionate about and include it regularly in your routine. If you love to sing, go to karaoke weekly! If you are a foodie, check out a new restaurant monthly. Be creative on how your passions are lived in your daily life.

3. Be around happy people. They will inspire you as well!

4. Focus on the good in each day instead of everything that went wrong. This goes back to the idea that what you pay attention to is what you get more of.

5. Create a "happy place." Make your environment a place that you enjoy being and that you can use to take a mental time out from the hustle and bustle. Whether it is a room in your home, a class you attend regularly, church, a vacation spot, or even a place you visualize in your mind-use you happy place to take a break when needed.

Getting started with these tips will help you jump start your journey to creating a well balanced and happy life! To learn more about counseling and coaching services that can take you even further on this journey, call Open Doors Counseling at 602-499-9952 or visit our website at


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